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If you’re ready to start living the life of FULFILLMENT you were designed for, instead of surviving a life you feel stuck in; I can help you.

What Is Authenticity?

First of all… Authentic living is NOT something that comes naturally for humans. Which is why learning to identify it for yourself, and then implement it, is life changing.

I know that many people like to believe authentic living is a simple choice a person can make to just “choose to be authentic”, and then just start doing what feels “ good, or right, or real” for them. They call this authenticity. This is not true authenticity though.

This behavior is actually a behavior pattern based in reaction to a story about life that is inauthentic. It is a reaction to ideas that were handed to them in the formative years of their life, before they knew that they could write their own story about life.

Authenticity is the quality of being of undisputed origin. And these stories that most people are reacting to, come from very disputable origins. This is why this is NOT authenticity. And, this is what makes active authenticity, life changing.

Who Is Authentic Life Coaching For?

Authenticity coaching is for anyone who finds themselves struggling with behavior patterns that are keeping them feeling stuck

-emotional eating,

-people pleasing,

-losing hours of time lost in social media or scrolling the internet

-Feeling the need to do something that will help  you escape the feelings you have about your life.

-Finding yourself often feeling bored, and then filling the time with eating, television, or internet, instead of doing something valuable for your life that would help you.

Authenticity coaching will not only help you to make sense of these “destructive” behavior patterns in your life; it will help you to build the tools, and strategies change them in an empowered way. You will find yourself coming out on the other side of these obstacles with more clarity, strength, and momentum moving toward the life you dream of (instead of just trying to get through these obstacles, and finding yourself stressed, exhausted, burnt-out, or overwhelmed on the other side).

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It will be powerful journey to understand what is truly important in your life, and why.

I cHelp You.

About Me

I help people find fulfillment, love and authenticity in their lives by helping them empower their mind with life-changing, authentically inspired beliefs. As a Master Certified Life Coach, Published Author and Nutrition Specialist with my educational background in Psychology, Exercise Physiology  & Nutrition, it is my mission to help you change your life. 

As your life coach, without blame, shame or guilt, I work to help you manage your mind to improve emotional, mental, and physical health. The result is you having more power and control over your life than you ever felt possible.


“Highly recommended. Working with Seth has been a great investment in myself and my family. As a new mom and working professional, I always felt pulled in so many directions. Seth has helped me understand myself better, and with that I could really focus on the things that really matter to me.” 
Jantorn Jiambutr

“Seth is very inspiring. He has given me purpose behind my goals. He has helped me with my personal mission statement which will now be with me the rest of my life. Thank you Seth for being awesome”
Matthew Higgins

“The sessions with Coach Seth were very effective and life-changing. every session ends with higher level of awareness and realization that help me achieve better results. Coach Seth also shows so much care. I greatly recommend his services.
Dalida Jaafar

What Is The Process To Transform Your Life With Authenticity Coaching?

You want to live a life that you are excited about, RIGHT?! But… You feel like you are fighting to get by in a life that you do not like, do not want, & did not pick. I want you to do something for yourself. Stop surviving a life that you are “stuck dealing with”. Start thriving in a life that is authentically YOURS to choose, create, & live!

I can Help You.

Authenticity: an undisputed origin and not a copy.

As a Master Certified Life Coach, Published Author and Nutrition Specialist with a background in Psychology and Nutritional Physiology, I help people find health, fulfilment, love and authenticity in their lives by empowering the mind with life-changing inspiration.

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