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Embrace Your Truest Brilliance: Unleash your Authentic Extraordinary with the Power of Authenticity-Focused Coaching! Move through adversity, with confidence, clarity, and purpose. Break free from the vicious cycles of burnout, overwhelm, and anxiety that come with forcing an inauthentic version of yourself to exist in this life. Begin living the life you were designed to thrive in, and Feel Fulfilled By.


Why Authenticity?

In a world where authenticity doesn’t come naturally, and the opposite is being taught to us, discovering and implementing it becomes truly transformative. Let’s debunk the misconception that authenticity is merely a simple decision to do what FEELS good or right. True authenticity runs deeper.

It’s time to break free from the chains of reactive behavior patterns formed by us trying to survive inauthentic beliefs about life. Many of us unknowingly live out stories that were handed to us in our formative years, before we realized we could craft our own narrative. These stories, rooted in questionable origins, guide our actions but fail to reflect our true selves. This is the path of an inauthentic life. 

An inauthentic life leads people to emotional reactivity, burnout, overwhelm, people pleasing behavior, anxiety, and even addictive behavior patterns. The most felt part of an inauthentic life, is the deep sense of dissatisfaction, and unfulfillment with life. It becomes an insatiable hunger that many try to fill with quick fixes, and hits of pleasure, only to find the overwhelming emptiness even stronger on the other side.

Authenticity is about claiming your undisputed origin, free from the limitations imposed by external narratives. This is where the magic happens. By embracing active authenticity, you can revolutionize your life in ways you never imagined possible. You can begin filling the emptiness of unfulfillment with something that truly lasts- purpose and fulfillment. 

Say goodbye to the cycles of burnout, overwhelm, and anxiety that stem from living out someone else’s story. It’s time to embark on a remarkable journey—one that leads to a life aligned with your deepest truth, and what you are designed to feel fulfilled by. Are you ready to unleash your extraordinary potential and step into a reality shaped by your own authentic essence? The adventure begins here, with authenticity coaching.


Who Are These Coaching Programs For?

My coaching programs are for you, if you…

-Are you tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled in your life?

It’s time to break free from the chains that hold you back and step into the empowered, authentic version of yourself. Authenticity coaching is the key that will unlock your true potential and lead you on a transformative journey.

If you find yourself constantly procrastinating, hesitating to take action on your dreams and aspirations, it’s time to break free from that cycle.

Don’t let fear or self-doubt stand in the way of your success. Embrace the power within you and step forward with confidence.

Do you often feel overwhelmed with the weight of responsibilities and the never-ending to-do list?

It’s time to reclaim control of your life and restore balance. You deserve to feel a sense of calm and purpose in everything you do.

Are you tired of relying on external sources to find joy and fulfillment? Whether it’s food, TV, social media, or shopping, these temporary fixes only leave you feeling empty and guilty.

Let’s discover the true source of joy within you and cultivate a life that brings you lasting happiness.

Stop indulging yourself in ways that deepen your anxiety and hinder your progress. Break free from the vicious cycle of using time and finances as a crutch. Embrace a new mindset that empowers you to make choices that align with your values and propel you forward.

Are you struggling to find motivation and commitment to fulfill your goals and dreams?

It’s time to tap into your inner drive and unleash your full potential. Together, we will ignite the fire within you and create a path of purpose and achievement.

Say goodbye to a life without direction or meaningful goals. Rediscover your purpose and set your sights on a future that excites you. Believe in yourself and your ability to create a life that aligns with your true passions.

-Feeling tire of relying on fear, shame, guilt, or pain as motivation?

I will empower you with strategies that lead to sustainable change. Say hello to a life filled with growth, transformation, and self-acceptance.

-Are you tired of emotional eating and people-pleasing tendencies?

Break free from these self-sabotaging patterns and cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Let’s embrace self-care and authentic connections that nourish your soul.

Don’t settle for a life of boredom and distraction. Discover the power of utilizing your time wisely, investing in activities that bring value and growth to your life that excite you. Step into a life where every moment counts toward your authentic self-expression.

-If you feel like you haven’t achieved enough or lack fulfillment.

It’s time to rewrite your story. Success is not measured by society’s standards but by your own definition. Let’s uncover what truly fulfills you and create a life that reflects your unique desires.

-Are you searching for consistency and alignment in your life’s direction?

Let’s align your actions with your values and dreams. Say goodbye to a life of uncertainty and step into the confident, purpose-driven path you were meant to walk.

-You yearn for a greater purpose that ignites your soul.

It’s time to awaken your inner visionary and align yourself with a mission that excites you. Together, we will unleash your potential and make a meaningful impact on the world.


The world is longing for authentic life leaders like you. By embarking on this journey, you will become a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. As you lead your own life with clarity, courage, and purpose, you will naturally inspire and uplift others to do the same.

So what are you waiting for?…Break free from the limitations that hold you back and embrace the authentic life leader within. Let my coaching be your guide as we unlock your wildest potential and create a life of purpose, fulfillment, and unwavering self-acceptance

Your authentic code for success

Your Authentic Code for Success Revealed

(A Step-by-Step Guide)

A powerful, guided journey to revealing your authentic code of success & fulfillment.

I cHelp You.

About Me

I help people just like you to release the inauthentic from their life. In authenticity coaching, I will show you how to identify, release, and rewrite the inauthentic in your life. This means no more surviving a life that was handed to you by the beliefs of others. You will be living in the life you are DESIGNED to thrive in!

As a Master Certified Life Coach, Public Speaker, Author, and Podcaster, with my educational background in Psychology, Exercise Physiology  & Nutrition, it is my mission to help you change your life.

As your life coach, I will offer you my powerful insight into the stories, and beliefs that exist in your subconscious, and even conscious mind. I will provide a safe, and supportive space for you to examine these stories and beliefs, so you can fully understand how they became a part of your life. I will then provide you with the tools, and practices to release the inauthentic, and rewrite your story of life, as one that you are designed to feel fulfilled, and empowered by. Authenticity coaching is the process I will take you through to accomplish all of this.


“Highly recommended. Working with Seth has been a great investment in myself and my family. As a new mom and working professional, I always felt pulled in so many directions. Seth has helped me understand myself better, and with that I could really focus on the things that really matter to me.” 
Jantorn J.

“Seth is very inspiring. He has given me purpose behind my goals. He has helped me with my personal mission statement which will now be with me the rest of my life. Thank you Seth for being awesome”
Matthew Higgins

“The sessions with Coach Seth were very effective and life-changing. every session ends with higher level of awareness and realization that help me achieve better results. Coach Seth also shows so much care. I greatly recommend his services.”
Dalida Jaafar

What Is The Process To Transform Your Life With Authenticity Coaching?

You want to live a life that you are excited about, RIGHT?! But… You feel like you are fighting to get by in a life that you do not like, do not want, & did not pick. I want you to do something for yourself. Stop surviving a life that you are “stuck dealing with”. Start creating and living a life that you are DESIGNED to feel fulfilled by, with authenticity coaching.

I can Help You.

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