The Hidden Queer Habits of High Achievers…
(I've got a secret to tell.)

By Seth Lusk

High Achievers have a secret.

High achievers have a secret

I don’t know if I should be sharing this or not about high achievers. I was embarrassed for years to admit that I had this secret habit… I had no idea that I was holding onto a well-kept secret of so many high achievers.

As a kid, I had a habit. I kept that habit into my adulthood. For decades I thought I was weird that I did this, until I discovered that it is a well-kept secret of high achievers and “top performers”. I thought it was “daydreaming” and being “delusional”, so I hid it from so many people what I was doing.

Here’s the thing though… It seemed to me to be helping me to achieve things in my life that other people were scratching their heads and wondering “wait… How were you able to do that?”

I would always make up some expected, unoriginal answer like “I just pushed through” or “I just didn’t give up”… Which was entirely true. But, I was not giving anyone the truth about my secret habit that was helping me create unstoppable action toward creating the things that I wanted in my life. I was creating a life like many other high achievers, but not telling anyone how I was doing it. I was not sure how to explain it really.

It was not until my early 30’s, when I began working with coaches, and got certified to coach others that I even realized what this habit was. I had not grown up with the ideas of high achievers. Being surrounded by a new crowd of coaches, and high achievers, I was hearing ideas and beliefs that were blowing my mind, and making sense of so many aspect of my life experience.

As a kid, I grew up in a very conservative Christian home. And in that time period, the Christian church was VERY unaccepting of homosexuality. Homosexuality was a diagnosable mental illness at that time that could be treated with conversion camps, electroshock therapy, etc…

So, when I realized at a young age that I was attracted to boys, and not girls, I learned to “play make-believe”. I was terrified to let anyone know the truth about who I was, and what I wanted in life. This meant ZERO external support in me achieving what I wanted in life. It had to be 100% me.

I saw so many of my friends leaning on friends and family for advice and support on what to do with their lives. I simply did not feel safe doing this. The way I was being seen by everyone was not me. They could not help me, and I was not about to get thrown in a conversion camp by coming out.

I did finally come out to my family when I was 17, but by then, this habit of mine was ALREADY strong, and well practiced.

A habit to practice.

high achievers practice

What was this practice?

It turns out, the practice was actually several habits of high achievers, that I put together into a system to help myself to feel supported, and like I was going to do something with my life.

I was holding space for myself to feel my emotions when I was alone, or even when I was in crowds of people experiencing shame, or guilt for knowing that I was a homosexual, and that this “had to mean” that I was an abomination, a perverse and sick being, I was a corrupt sinner bound for hell and punishment.

So, I created space for myself to process through these emotions. But the habits did not stop there. I also created a space in which I was able to tell myself and create a belief for myself that I KNEW that these people around me were wrong about me. I held my ground and loved myself. I cried with myself and held myself. I found the adult version of me within me that did not exist yet and I asked him for love, support, and courage. Which brings me to the third part of this habit.

I created a safe space for myself to envision a future me sooooo clearly, that I knew how strong he was. I knew how loved he was. I knew how confident and valued he was. I knew what he did in life, and I looked up to him for having done it, and been strong and courageous enough to do it all as an openly gay man. I could literally feel his strong and comforting hugs and powerfully confident voice as he voiced his words of encouragement and love to me.

I was literally having conversations with the future me. I had created a vision of my life in the future that was so clear and real for me, that it was like a truth that just had not happened yet. And then I practiced a fourth part of this habit, which was to BELIEVE in this vision so fully, that I acted on it as if it was true. I walked with my head up, and proud when I was being called “faggot” or “girly boy”… I cried with strength in knowing that what I was facing now was just the first act of a powerful story. I became UNSHAKABLE in living from that story.

I did it for long enough that in my early 30s, I still have that vision. It grows clearer and stronger every day. I left the corporate world, and started my own business. I even started teaching other people to do for themselves what I did for me.

I learned to coach, and I began offering people something I did not know yet that I could offer other people. That space I had learned to create for myself to be able to truly see myself, my potential, and what I wanted in this life, even when NOTHING around me supported the idea that it was possible. I learned that I could create and hold that space for other people. I could guide them to their own vision of their future self. I could help them heal in that space from the wounds they had taken on from rejecting themselves as children to “fit in”, and forget their true dreams and desires. I could hold space for others to learn to feel safe to practice this skill of creating a future vision for themselves, until they had it clear enough to take action from it.

It turns out… My habit was a superpower. But not MY superpower. It is a HUMAN SUPERPOWER. It is one that we ALL have, and forget about as we fall more and more into other people’s BS (belief system) stories about us. We forget who we are, and we forget how to envision where we are going, and make it happen.

I had just kept the practice going where others let it go. It turns out that being a homosexual served a strong purpose for me. If I had been more able to “easily fit in” when I was a kid, would I have practiced this so much? I don’t know. What I do know, is that I chose to keep that practice of creating a vision of who I am, and where I am going with my life, because I knew if I stopped doing that, I would end up in a life so far away from my truth, I did not want to imagine the pain of living that lie. It had to hurt far worse than the temporary pain of being misunderstood by others. I still had the space to go to where I understood me. I could not imagine a life where not only was I misunderstood by others, I was also misunderstanding myself to fit in.

So, I worked and worked on this habit.

It is the reason why I was able to create a business and keep it alive through the pandemic. It is how I have showing up for 126 weeks in a row to produce my weekly podcast episodes. It is how I have managed to publish my first book, and begin working on my second (to be published soon). I have been practicing this skill for DECADES. I have mastered it to the point that no amount of external resistance can shake me from my vision of my future. External resistance is merely an opportunity to learn more skills that will make it even harder for circumstance to stop me. No lack of external approval or praise can persuade me to believe I am on the wrong path. It merely means that I can continue to learn new skills for communicating what I am here to contribute to the world.

Unstoppable High Achievers

I literally cannot be stopped.

I know this may sound odd, or unimaginable for many of you. So many people today rely so heavily on external approval, or support to signal to them if they are on the right path, that the idea I am presenting here may sound absurd.

But here is the thing… What I am doing is no more absurd that what anyone is doing. The truth is that high achievers and high performers are not any better than anyone else. They are not special. They are just practicing something differently that how we are taught by society to do it. They are practicing creating a clear vision of their future from a space of authenticity, and true desire.

This is entirely different than creating a vision of the future from a space of scarcity, fear, judgement, and believing other people’s stories about life, or their stories about what is possible for you. The difference between high achievers and those who do not achieve much of what they want in life, is not because of a lack of abilities. It is a lack of practicing the abilities that create the life they want, because they do not believe they can actually have it. So, they never create a vision clear and strong enough of the future that they actually WANT, so that they can then live from it and take actions from it to develop the skills that would give them the life they truly want.


ALL High Achievers are Queer.

Here is another little known secret about high performers/achievers. They ALL embrace their queerness…

I know. Some of you just lost me here. So, let me explain here that queerness is not what we have been taught to believe it is. I identify as gay, so I get labeled as “queer”. It is as if “queer” has become the label for people who have sexual preferences, or gender role preferences, or gender identity preferences that fall outside of the “norms” of society.

But here is the thing. Queer is simply the unexpected, or difficult to explain. The LGBTQ+ community is just the opening act of queerness. We are here to begin the act of liberating humanity from their fear of their own queerness. ALL humans have queerness. Queerness are those unique experiences and perspectives on life that cause a person’s experience of life, and what they are sensitive to in life, to give them, and their life something a bit “unexpected” or “difficult to explain” to everyone else around them.

We ALL have this within us. The truth is that many of us forget our queerness out of fear of not “fitting in”. So, as we get older we act less and less on our queerness. And we forget about the dreams and desires for life that grew in the space of embracing our queerness as part of ourselves, and a part of ourselves that we love.

So, here is something that high performers are not saying (I think it is because most of them do not even realize they are doing this). They are embracing their queerness. They are living so much in the truth of who they are and what they want out of life, that their queerness helps them to create visions of the future that are so clear and unique, that when they live from them, their actions and results in life have people scratching their heads in wonder. It looks unreal what these people are able to do. But it only looks unreal from the perspective of someone who believes in the limits that these high achievers looked at and said “I want to believe more is possible”, and created different beliefs about possibility in life.

These high achievers let their inner queer come out and dream so big, and see a future so clearly, that they were able to believe in it, and take action from it, until it became their physical reality.

Queer is about liberation from limiting beliefs. It is about liberation from the shame that causes us to hide ourselves, and our truths. It is about liberation from the guilt and shame that do not allow us to see the purpose and the beauty behind the urges we have in life so that we can see what we truly want, and how to create it in constructive, healthy, beautiful, and fulfilling ways in our life.

When I was a child, I was so afraid to let my queer come out around people. When I was 17 I finally set it free. And, for those 17 years, I had been allowing my inner queerness to build a space that was safe, and secure to dream and envision from. By the time I was an adult, nothing could stop me from making that vision my reality. I did not care how many friends or family members turned their backs on me. I knew what I was here to do. I knew that their back turning had nothing to do with me or what I was doing. It had to do with their inability to see what I see (yet).

I also trusted that some of them might eventually see, but they were never going to see if I gave up and never gave them the life I could see as a reflection to them of my inner vision of my purpose in this life. This was the fifth part of my habit that I practiced, and so many high achievers practice.

The People Pleasing Problem.

It is the practice of letting go of the desire to people please. The truth is that no matter how you live your life, some people will like it, and some won’t. But here is the thing. None of those people are with you for the entire journey. Only you are with you for the whole journey. Even people in your life for the whole journey are not with you for all of it. Only you are. YOU have to be happy with that journey and life. Then let the people who are going to like it like it, and those who won’t like it, release the responsibility of their emotional experience of your life.

It feels like a harsh reality for many of us who have grown up being taught to make other people proud and happy with us. But it IS the truth. It is also a very empowering truth when you really begin to practice seeing it.

In the end, as you are passing on into death, YOU are the one who looks back on that life and either feels fulfilled or not by it. No one else does that. They do that with their own life, not yours. So, while we are taught to believe that if we live our life how we want, and other people do not like it, that we are being selfish; this could not be further from the truth.

When we live our life from a space of truth, and authenticity, we are being selfless. We are being willing to be exactly who we are and let others see it, and decide for themselves if they like it or not, and if they do not, that is ok. They are free to go find people they do like, and we are free to find people who truly like us.

What is selfish is pretending to be something else, for the sake of being liked. We are manipulating people into believing something untrue about us for the sake of us feeling the shallow pleasure of “acceptance”. But the truth is we are not even accepted. A game we are playing, or a role we are playing is being accepted not us. So, we lie to people to feel comfort, safety, cheap pleasure, and false security.

A Selfless Practice of High Achievers.

The truth is that allowing our queerness to be seen, and known is the opposite of selfishness. We not only allow others to truly know us and have their truthful human experience of us, but we also stop contributing to the belief that other people should pretend as well to make our emotional experience of them better. We also signal to other people to be real around us, so that we can make our true human decisions about who we want to spend our time with.

What does this have to do with high achievers/performers?

When we free ourselves to show up with our queerness, and liberate ourselves and others to have a true experience of life around us, we also free ourselves from spending energy on emotionally manipulating people to keep them around. We free up time and energy to spend on actions that truly matter to our life fulfilment. We free up time to spend with the people who we truly align with in our journey of life. We get to create circles of people around us that can and will truly see us, and support us in our journey of life.

High achievers/performers have been saying for decades to pay attention to the people you surround yourself with. But we have not really been listening. We keep choosing people we want to like us, and manipulating them to like us by pretending who we are and what we truly want from life. We spend so much time and energy there that we have so little left for the creation part of the life we truly want. What we keep missing in this message of “pay attention to who you surround yourself with”, is that we cannot know who we want to surround ourselves with, if we are not living authentically.

If we are hiding from ourselves and others what we truly want in this life, then we cannot know what kind of people we want to be around that can and will love and support us in our journey of life. We cannot allow people who would want to support us in our journey to see us and show up for us. So, if we are not living authentically, we cannot truly surround ourselves with the people that will energize us, and support us in our most fulfilling journey of life.

Authentic Friend Circles.

When we live inauthentically we inauthentically choose circles of friends. We also attract people who are attracted to a life that is inauthentic to us. They support and encourage that life. We end up using up so much energy to keep those relationships working. And the actions we take to make those relationships work, end up working in direct conflict with the actions that would create the life we truly want.

So this message of “pay attention to who you surround yourself with”, could be turned around in a different way here that I think would be helpful. Take a look at the people you are surrounded by. Look at their values, actions, and results in life. You can see what kind of life you projected based on the people you see. These people are the people you are attracting based on who you are telling the world you are.

Is that who you want to believe you are? Or is that who you were told that you are? Is that person the person you think you “should be” instead of the person you actually WANT to be? Is that the person you think is “all you can be”, but you wish you “could be” more?

If you cannot clearly answer for yourself if you are showing up as the person you TRULY WANT to be in every aspect, then this is a sign that you have lost your vision of who you actually are, and their beautiful queerness (and the dreams that came along with that). This is also a sign that you are living a life that you are not actually designed for, and you will suffer trying to perform at higher and higher levels in that life. Or you will suffer in just giving up on yourself because you are too afraid to show up as the real you, and too tired to keep pushing forward in growth in a life you are not designed to grow in. The more you force growth in that life the more suffering you create (anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, depression, dysfunctional relationships, addictive behaviors, etc…)

What I want for you to take away.

I am writing this article for you all today, because I want to show you a few important things here. The first is that high achievers in this life are not different from you on some fundamental level. They are not merely lucky drawers on the circumstance lottery. For every high achiever we find that had “favorable” circumstances (according to most people), we also find another high achiever who came from circumstances that most people would not believe were conducive to achieving much in life. Yet, they join the ranks of high achievers anyway. So, how does this happen?

It is because high achievers are not based in circumstance, or fixed traits. High achievers are those people who practice extraordinary habits, and turn them into strengths that they master in life, to a point where they produce extraordinary results in life. For every high achiever, there is their own secret recipe of these habits, as well as their values, and how they go about practicing those habits. But, there are also some commonalities. I want to present those to you.

High achievers practice envisioning their future. They practice envisioning it with so much clarity that it already feels real to them. Not like it might happen, but more like it is an inevitable happening, and they are just now learning what steps they took to make that inevitable happening to happen.

Along with this, high achievers also practice holding space for themselves and their visions. And this is crucial. This space is held for a very powerful purpose. It is to process emotions that come up when they envision their future, and to use those emotions to create productive action, instead of non-productive reactions. They also hold this space to be able to offer themselves love, and acceptance as they face the inevitable rejections of people who cannot understand their journey in life (people who they thought would stick by their side). They hold space to offer themselves to support, encouragement, acceptance, and love that can sometimes feel like it is lacking in the world around you, when you step out on a path that very few people have been willing to take.

High achievers are also using this space for another purpose, that is a habit for high achievers. That purpose is to own their queerness. High achievers want to be able to fully see what makes their particular goals, values, and contributions to this world uniquely their own. They want to fully see and embrace what makes them uniquely them. They spend time learning how to see, own, love, and communicate every aspect of their truth in the most productive, and truthful way. Where most people spend their time alone trying to figure out how to hide their queerness, high achievers learn to love those aspects of themselves, and learn how to turn those into superpowers.

High achievers release their desire to people please, and they make sure that they are showing up in their life with the most truth about who they are and what they want. They do this to attract the people in their life that will like them for that, and can therefor join and support them in their journey. They allow their circle of friends to be curated not by a desire to make everyone happy; but to be curated by the desire to live truthfully, and allow anyone who sees that truth and wants to join, to be able to do so. People pleasing does not allow yourself to be truthfully known, so that the people who want to join you can truthfully know if they actually want to join you.

High achievers realize how much energy it takes to try to keep these kind of relationships alive. And, in the end what value do these relationships provide for anyone’s life? The answer is none, because these relationships are built on lies and manipulations. I know that sounds harsh to hear. We have been taught to see people pleasing as something so innocent, or even virtuous. The truth is that it is selfish, and it is destructive to everyone involved.

High achievers do not let the weight of people pleasing to hold them back in circles of people who are on an entirely different journey than the one they are designed for, or want. High achievers are able to release people to be entirely them in the world, with love and respect, while still not taking on the responsibility of the other person needing to like them.


The other thing that high achievers do, that is a practiced strength, is taking action from their unwavering vision of their purpose and future. And this is where most people give up. They might do their best to love themselves, and accept themselves. Most people might try to envision a future they want. But where the vast majority of people drop the ball is here.

Belief is action, and action is belief. Envisioning a future does not create belief in it. What creates belief in it, is taking action. We act on what we believe, not what we think or know, or dream. We do what we believe is true. And the truth is, that for most of us, the lives we are living that we are not fulfilled by, are the result of actions taken from beliefs that we do not realize we have about life. So, if we want a different representation of life, we want to change the beliefs we have about life.

What most people think this means, is learning a bunch of new information so that they can know new things about life, and this will change their life. But this is not how it works. Knowledge is not belief. We know many things that we do not necessarily believe. But what we believe, we do… And what we do, we believe in.

So, this is something that high achievers practice. They do not just stop at having a vision board, or meditative envisioning, or vision journaling. They look at that vision of the future like it is a fact, and when all of the fear comes up from what they currently believe, and tells them “nope, that is not possible”, they ACT as if it is. They hold that vision, and take action from as space of love, abundance, and belief.

The Feedback… It’s in what you do with it.

And the final part of this practice, is what high achievers do with the feedback. Because we all know those people who will step out and take a big action, and then immediately regret it because of the results. The results were not what they expected, or were the complete opposite. And here is where high achievers take a queer (unexpected) path. They do not use the unexpected results as evidence to go back to old beliefs and reinforce them.

They hold their vision, remind themselves that that vision IS true for them. So, if that vision is true, what is in these results that helps me move forward to create it?

High achievers direct their focus back to their vision, and the beliefs they WANT to have, not the ones they already had. The use ALL results as an opportunity to find their path forward, not as evidence to go back, and retreat to the familiar. They hold the space for the emotions that come with their results, they process, then refocus on the vision of what they want, and look for evidence of what they learned from those results that will now guide them toward their future vision.

Holding this vision is a powerful act, when faced with unexpected results in life. If people do not crumble at the action step, VERY FEW who make it to the action step, continue taking action forward once they receive unintended results. And even fewer continue taking action when they receive unintended results for weeks, months, years, or even decades. High achievers do not care about the number of unintended results. Their vision is focused on how those results are helping them get to the intended result, not hindering them.

They HOLD space, and vision.

Sharing MY Secret.

This brings me back to my secret. I came out of the closet at the age of 17 as a homosexual man. I held onto so much shame about this because of my upbringing in the church, that I did not realize that I went from one closet to another. I went back in a closet of shame because I believed that what I was doing by living as an openly queer man, that I was being selfish. This meant that I felt like I was also responsible or to blame for other people having uncomfortable experiences of me because of my queerness.

I thought that I had to adjust myself to not be “too much” for other people who had beliefs that caused them to feel uncomfortable around my queerness. I hid myself and dimmed myself in crowds of people still. I felt like I had made my choice to be a gay man, and this meant that I would pay the price of needing to not want much more out of life, or that I could not be respected. I just had to accept that.

So I hid in the closet as the high achieving queer liberator that I knew I was this entire time. I hid in that close until I was about 30 years old. I did not even realize I was hiding in a closet, until I started working with coaches, and kept getting asked to step out into a spotlight and let people know my superpowers that I was here to contribute to the world to help other people to liberate themselves, and find their superpowers.

I slowly began realizing that I was hiding myself again. I was not owning my vision of the future. I was seeing it, but not believing it. I was not acting on parts of it. I was waiting around for external approval to give me the head nod that it was ok for me to say what I believe I am here to do. I needed for certain people in my life to believe it before I was allowed to believe it (act on it).

So, here I am… coming out again at the age of 38. I am a queer liberator. I am joining the ranks of high achievers. I am here to own my vision of my future, and remember that I am here to contribute something powerful to this world. I am here to own that what I have been doing for the past decade was not a fluke. I was not lucky. I showed up for myself and I created (a business, my first published book, coaching countless lives into owning their power, and 3 years of producing weekly podcasts for my audience).

I have shown up when all external results could have been interpreted as “go back, you are not good enough”. When my book only sold 10 copies in the first year it was published, when my podcast did not reach the audience size I was being told it should have reached after a year, or two years, I kept showing up. I kept taking the results and saying “ok Seth, you did this. You talked to your future self, and you know you did this… so… What did you do with these results to get there? How did you do it?”.

I held space for myself to talk with myself. I spoke with my inner child, I spoke with my future self, I spoke with my present self. I learned to hold a powerfully open space for myself to feel in, learn in, and grow in. I learned to hold a powerfully open enough space to create new belief in. And from that new belief, to change my life.

I have used those practices to help countless other people do the same for themselves. But that entire time, I still held my queerness under a filter. I hid it in hopes of making myself look more respectable and less selfish or indulgent to people around me. I forgot that my queerness is what provided me with the opportunity to do what I had done with my life. It was not something selfish I had done. It was not something that I needed to mute to help other people have a comfortable experience.

Queerness & Liberation

My queerness is what is here to help liberate more people to fully know and accept themselves, give themselves unconditional love, and from that space create their vision of purpose and future. Me dimming my queerness was not me being responsible or selfless. I was being selfish. I was hiding myself for the sake of other people having a comfortable experience of me. In doing so, people could not know me, or what I am here for to make a decision about how they wanted to or did not want to be a part of my life.

In hiding my queerness, I was also withholding my superpower to help others to liberate themselves from the closets they might be hiding in (some without even knowing they are hiding). In hiding my queerness I was not putting myself in front of these people as an example that they COULD liberate themselves from that life of hiding, and not having a clear vision of purpose and WANT for their life.  

I am coming out again. I am proudly queer, I am here to liberate, and I am here to join the high achievers of this world, not to pat myself on the back, but to show more of you that circumstances do not limit this ability for you. I did not come from wealth, or lucky circumstances. I have my share of privileges sure. We all do. I acknowledge those. But, I could have wasted my potential even with those privileges by choosing to hide, people please, and give up on my vision of who I know I am, and what I know I am here to do with this life. I could have hidden myself for the sake of holding onto circles of people in my life, by creating a life that made them more comfortable, and in doing so, reject my truest self. And in doing that, become another example to those people that I held onto, that lying about who you are to keep others comfortable, is the best choice to make.

I did not choose to do that with my life. Instead; At every crossroad in my life, I chose to hold my vision. I chose to make the choices that stung in the moment that I knew (from my future self) were the choices that brought me to living the life he lives.

I want to share with you all that it is possible for you to do the same for your life. I want to share with you that you can do things with your life that will have people scratching their heads and wondering how you did it. I want to share with you that your potential is so much bigger than you have been told.

I am a living example of doing things with my life that NO ONE around me told me were possible. In fact, most of the feedback I received was that I was delusional, selfish, and going to learn my lesson the hard way. And here I am, creating that life. That I started envisioning when I was just a kid. The life I spoke to my future self about when I was alone at night, or when I was surrounded by people teasing me. I can literally now look at myself in the mirror, and see the man I have chosen to show up as, and what I see IS the person that I talked to when I was a child.

It is like freaky Friday almost. I now spend time talking to my inner child and hugging him and reminding him that I have his back. Only now, I am on the other side of those hugs that I used to look for from my future self when I was a kid.

I want to share with you all today, that you can do this with your life too. It is never too late. You do have the potential, you are not crazy for wanting what you want from your life.

I also want to share for all of you out there, especially my LGBTQ+ community, that seeing, knowing, loving, and sharing your brand of queer is the key to unlocking your superpowers as a human. The life you are designed to live, that is TRULY fulfilling for you, it lies in your queerness, not in hiding it. Your queerness is designed to be loved BIG, seen BIG, heard BIG, and lived BIG.

Queerness is MORE than gender and sexuality!

For my LGBTQ+ community… Your queerness is so much more than gender, or sexuality. But our bravery to embrace it in the way we express our gender and sexuality is powerful. Do not back down from it. I am here to remind you, that there is more within you that your queerness is here to contribute to the world. You are part of the liberators, and high achievers of the world.

If you want to start showing up in this life as the high achievers do, own your queerness. Start with authenticity. Release the feeling of responsibility to please others. Go back to your truth. Create and hold space for yourself. In that space learn to process (not react to) emotions, let them guide you to your truth. In that space create safety, and love for yourself (your TRUEST self). From that space of safety, and love, remove what is inauthentic, and allow space for the authentic to grow again. Give yourself space to remember what it was like to dream, and envision your future, BEFORE you accepted everyone else’s BS (belief system) stories about you and your life. Cultivate those dreams, build those visions, seek clarity in those visions at all costs. Hold your vision. Create belief (take action). Hold your vision again as you sift through the results for where your path forward leads next. Use intention to guide yourself through the results of your action. Use intention to look for evidence to support the new beliefs you WANT, not the old beliefs that are familiar. Hold your vision.

Final Thoughts…


It’s time the truth be told about high achievers. YOU are them.

Don’t believe me?

I will show you how.

It is my gift, a skill, a superpower. I learned to (through years of practice), hold space to create POWERFULLY BEAUTIFUL BS (belief system) stories. The ability to hold space and create powerful, clear, and authentic vision is what makes me so great at coaching others into joining the ranks of high achievers.

When you are ready to see this for your own life… You can borrow my vision, space, and ability to create belief, until you find yours again. (I will show you how).

Your most fulfilling, queer, and authentic life is waiting for you… So… Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Seth Lusk, Founder, and CEO of Authentic Life Connection: coaching services. He is also the podcast creator and host for the Authentic Life Connection podcast. He is a published author of the book What I really want is… But I’m Just too full of… . This book is available on Amazon for purchase. Seth is a Life coach as well. He works with clients one-to-one as well as in groups to help them create their most authentic and fulfilling life, from the inside out. Seth is also the founder and CEO of Lusk Holistic Health Services (the umbrella company for Authentic Life Connection: coaching services). Under this umbrella company Seth also provides guidance in fitness and nutrition for his clients. This comes from his background and education in exercise science and nutrition. Seth has worked with hundreds of clients to get clear on their authentic goals for their life, fitness, and health, and helped them create unstoppable authentic action to actualize these in their lives. For more about how to get in touch with Seth or hear more about his work, you can find him @ . There you can access his podcast, book, social media, as well as speak with Seth directly about working with him one-to-one as coach/coachee. To access the “Authentic Life Connection” podcast, follow the link below

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