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Do you recognize any of the following in your own life?

❖ When you were growing up, your parents were very controlling, overbearing. (maybe they were very religious and expected a lot of behaviors and desires from you that matched their religious views.)

❖ You have a hard time deciding what it is that you want (this can be anything from what sounds good to eat, to deciding on where to live, to deciding on where to go to school, deciding what to study, deciding on a job, etc..)

❖ When you look at how you spend your time, or have your future time planned out… Pay attention to the language you use when talking about it. Do you hear a lot of “should”, “need to”, “have to” in the way you talk about this?

❖ You find yourself wanting to say “no” to requests from you quite often, but you fear how the other person might feel about you saying this, so you say “yes”, because it is just “easier that way”… But later you feel a lot of resentment toward yourself or the other person for saying yes.

❖ You find yourself feeling disappointed quite often when you do things for other people, and then later they do not do something to reciprocate, or you do not feel appreciated for what you did.

❖ You find yourself struggling with your weight, and you notice it either going up and up, when you do not intend for it to. Or, you might lose weight and regain it over and over as a pattern in your life.

❖ You find yourself eating when you are not ACTUALLY physically hungry, and you “know” that you do not “need” the food, and actually do not “want” to be eating it because you know it will give you a negative result on the other side, but you feel like you do not have the willpower to “resist” just eating.

❖ You eat when you feel stressed, upset, frustrated, tired, sad, angry, etc…

❖ You notice drinking patterns around your strong or heavy emotions (such as stress, anger, frustration, disappointment, fear, anxiety, depression, etc…)

❖ You find yourself starting and stopping projects constantly in your life.

❖ You find yourself believing or thinking that you are someone who does not have big dreams or goals in your life.

❖ You find yourself thinking about dreams or goals in life, but never putting them into consistent action.

❖ You find yourself wondering what other people will think and feel about your goals and dreams in life, and you use that as a compass to decide if you “should” or “should not” want, or go after that dream. ❖ You find yourself using exercise as a way to punish yourself for eating habits, or to resist putting on weight due to eating habits.

❖ You find it hard to focus on actions that would move you toward your goals, because you feel compelled to focus in other areas of your life.

❖ You find yourself trying to “catch up” or “just get by” in life.

❖ The things that are important for you get put on the back burner constantly because you feel like you are having to deal with crisis after crisis in your life, or “putting out fires” in life.

❖ You experience burnout, or overwhelm in your life. You might even notice a pattern of it recurring over time.

Here is how I can help!

All of these (listed above) are signs/symptoms of someone living a life that is not based in authenticity, core values, and core sensitivities.

Here is how Authenticity coaching will help.

❖ Authenticity coaching will not only help you to make sense of these behaviors and patterns in your life; it will help you to build the tools, and exercises in your life to work through them in an empowered way.

❖ You will find yourself coming out on the other side of these obstacles with more clarity, strength, and momentum moving toward the life you dream of (instead of just trying to get through these obstacles, and finding yourself stressed, exhausted, burnt-out, or overwhelmed on the other side).

❖ You will have tools to use to understand ALL of your emotions and use them FOR you to move toward your goals.

❖ In authenticity coaching we do not rely on willpower, and resistance. We do not use shame, guilt, fear, or disgust as motivators to change. These motivations provide quick temporary movement, that only ends up cycling you back to old patterns.

❖ In authenticity coaching we do not focus on what you are trying to “get away from” in your life.

❖ I will guide you in building a clear exciting picture of where you authentically want to be heading in your life, and then map out the steps to unstoppably move you there.

❖ You will even learn to PLAN for the unplanned to happen, and how to use that to actually create excitement and momentum moving FORWARD.

❖ Authenticity coaching has helped so many of my clients to create value in their lives. Not just value from the quality of their life improving, but also value in how they spend their time with intention, and excitement.

❖ This leads to money also flowing to and through you with intention and excitement.

➢ Average annual savings for my clients are quite large. This comes from not spending money on emotional escape from their life. i.e. eating, drinking, shopping, vacationing (not that vacations are never taken, but taking them to escape their life). These savings on average per client are around $20,000 per year.

❖ AND, your earning potential becomes limitless as you begin to grow in the understanding of what you are truly capable of, when you remove all that is not you from your life, and are able to focus, and move forward in what IS you.

Client testimonials

Highly recommended. Working with Seth has been a great investment in myself and my family. As a new mom and working professional, I always felt pulled in so many directions. Seth has helped me understand myself better, and with that I could really focus on the things that really matter to me.

Jantorn Jiambutr

Google Review

Seth is very inspiring. He has given me purpose behind my goals. He has helped me with my personal mission statement which will now be with me the rest of my life. Thank you Seth for being awesome

Matthew Higgins

Google Review

Seth is an outstanding human being. His life story gives me goosebumps and I am in awe of him as a person. When I talk to him, I feel seen, heard and understood. He truly gives me the feeling of being LISTENED to. I feel like he tells me the hard truth but in a compasionate and loving way. His expierence and knowledge have helped me so many times, I couldn’t even begin to count it. I honestly recommend his services to literally ANYONE.

Lazy Lennon

Google Review

the sessions with Coach Seth were very effective and life-changing. every session ends with higher level of awareness and realization that help me achieve better results. Coach Seth also shows so much care. I greatly recommend his services.

Dalida Jaafar

Google Review

I came to Seth's coaching for help in a few areas of my life. I expected to be able to exercise and make time for myself to focus on my spiritual life more and to create more meaningful time with myself. I was very surprised with each session to have more unexpected challenges to really learn more about who I am, what my purpose is, and how to get to know myself. I also have new tools to deal with my emotions that come up that are reactionary. I have found ways to step back before saying something I regret or reacting in a stressful way. I, of course, must practice these things, but each time a situation occurs that I am able to step outside of, I feel empowered. I am without a doubt grateful to Seth and his understanding of me. Thank you!

Susan McAdory

Google Review

If you think online life coaching sessions are useless, you surely haven’t tried one with Seth. He manages to create a deeply personal connection with his clients and through this, he’s able to disentangle gordian knots with easy-to-understand conversations.

Tamas Somogyi

Google Review

Authenticity: an undisputed origin and not a copy.

As a Master Certified Life Coach, Published Author and Nutrition Specialist with a background in Psychology and Nutritional Physiology, I help people find health, fulfilment, love and authenticity in their lives by empowering the mind with life-changing inspiration.

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