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Authenticity-Focused Life Coaching

This is the core of change in the work that Seth does with his clients. Changes at the behavioral level can be made quickly, but aren't lasting changes. Coaching gets to the core of behaviors, and alters the very drive that is creating them. This work is not about restriction, resistance, or willpower. This work is about discovering authentic core values, desires, and purpose so that you can decide with clarity and empowerment, what sort of changes you want to make to help you create your most fulfilling life. This means authentic, exciting, life-long change.

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Post-coaching Nutrition Consulting

(only accessible, after completing an Authenticity-Focused coaching Program)

Nutrition is key to a healthy fulfilling life. It is the foundation of stable emotional health, mental health, and physical health. You can't out exercise a poor diet. You can't convince an improperly nourished brain to flourish, and thrive. So after coaching, and learning the tools you need to make clear, empowered choices, we can talk about the fuel you are feeding your mind and body.

Post-coaching Personal Training

(only accessible, after completing an Authenticity-Focused coaching Program)

Seth's knowledge is extensive in how to body moves, and how exercise can enhance and improve quality of life on ALL fronts (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Seth has worked with people for over a decade in creating changes in how they approach exercise. He does so in a way that equips his clients to become unstoppable in their exercise journey.  So, after coaching, to get to the core of the drives behind your current exercise habits, you can explore the power of personal training with coach Seth.

Book A Consultation Call

The consultation call is 100% free of charge. It is designed for you to gain clarity of how coaching with Seth could help you unlock your deepest potential, and help you start living your most authentic and fulfilling life, once and for all. You will just have a conversation with Seth, so that Seth can get to know your coaching needs better. Seth will explain a bit of the coaching process with you so that you can decide if coaching is right for you. You will leave the conversation with a deeper understanding of what coaching can do for you, and with the opportunity to begin a coaching journey with Seth



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