Current Offers (coaching with Seth)

Welcome to my Coaching Offers. Here your transformation is the priority. When you choose any of my coaching packages (excluding step-by-step coaching), you can rest assured that my commitment to your success goes beyond the contract. Introducing my exclusive “Coaching Guarantee,” designed to instill confidence in your investment. I understand that results matter, which is why, if my coaching hasn’t delivered the life-changing value we discussed during our enlightening consultation call, we will discuss how we can meet that expectation of value, even after the contract ends. My unwavering dedication to your progress is a testament to the unwavering trust I place in my coaching methods. With my Coaching, you can embark on a transformative journey knowing that I stand by my promises and the profound impact our work has on you (the cherished client).

Step-By-Step Coaching

In Step-By-Step coaching with Seth you get an introduction to the power of coaching.

In this offer you will be able to book a single call (1 hour) with Seth to discuss what it is that you are currently struggling with in your life. Seth will guide you through putting a new tool/practice into action in your life that is going to give you the ability to move forward in your most authentically empowered way.

You are welcome to take this tool that Seth will craft to your specific needs, and use this tool in almost any other area of your life, and watch the results. When you are ready to try more, you are welcome to book another call where Seth will guide you into your next step.

Step-By-Step, Coach Seth will get you moving. (at any time you are welcome to decide to move to a more long term commitment and discover the power of more consistent coaching with Seth).


You can book this call and pay directly through the appointment booking process using the button below. Payment is required to schedule the appointment. Please read terms and conditions while booking this appointment. 

Coaching programs

(payment plans available for all options below)

(Authenticity-Focused Life Coaching)

These coaching programs all include:

-Coaching calls, one-on-one with Seth:

  • 2-times per week (45 minutes each via zoom) for the first month of the contract.
  • followed by 1-time weekly calls (1 hour each, also via Zoom) for the remaining duration of the contract.

-My signature Authentic Core Values Discovery system. (the foundation of our work)

-My Authentic Lifestyle Scheduling Tool template (customizable for you)

- The implementation of the Emotional Responsibility Model for your life. (game changer)

-Implementation of my Authentic Response-ABILITY to Change equation. (a real eye opener)

-Whatsapp text message support between calls.

- Exercises, and action steps to complete between each weekly coaching call.

- Access to my coaching community group via Slack for the duration of your coaching contract, as well as for a year of follow up at the end of your contract. 

-Access to weekly LIVE group-calls with my coaching community, and myself! 

-6 month Program (Everything mentioned above, with 30 1-on-1 coaching calls included)


-1 Year Program (Everything mentioned above, with 52 1-on-1 coaching calls included)


You will need to book a consultation call, before continuing with and of these coaching offers. In the consultation call you and Seth will discuss the details of the coaching commitment, and how it will work with solving for your challenges. You will also discuss the payment process, and options.

Customizable Contracts

If the currently offered programs, coaching with Seth, do not fit your specific goals, vision, or coaching needs, we can discuss customizable coaching contracts with varying meeting frequencies or durations).

Coaching for the Queer Community

If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community and seeking coaching please mention in your "discovery call" request, that you identify as queer, or LGBTQ+. Please provide your pronouns as well. Coach Seth has program offers specifically catered for members of the LGBTQ+ community. 


You will need to book a discovery call, before continuing with this coaching offer. In the discovery call you and Seth will discuss the details of the coaching commitment and payment process.

*payment plans available

Book A Consultation Call

The consultation call is 100% free of charge. It is designed for you to gain clarity of how coaching with Seth could help you unlock your deepest potential, and help you start living your most authentic and fulfilling life, once and for all. You will just have a conversation with Seth, so that Seth can get to know your coaching needs better. Seth will explain a bit of the coaching process with you so that you can decide if coaching is right for you. You will leave the conversation with a deeper understanding of what coaching can do for you, and with the opportunity to begin a coaching journey with Seth.



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