Your Authentic Code for Success Revealed

Your Authentic Code for success revealed

It will be powerful journey to understand what will create success & fulfillment for you in life, and WHY.


This Guide includes a downloadable, guided journey through the process of discovering the blueprint within your design, that is meant to bring you success, AND fulfillment in life. PLUS, access to a One-on-One call with Coach Seth!


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Your authentic code for success

About The Step-by-step guide

You are about to embark on a journey of remembering. And trust me, it will be a powerful journey.

I know that may sound a little “woo woo”, but I promise you it is true.

You have forgotten who you really are, and what is TRULY important for you in this life. But, this is not because something is wrong with you. It is just how a human brain functions. You are entirely normal, and this is another beautiful part of what is possible in the human journey. We forget who we are, to find power, and purpose in the remembering process. In this mini-course, you begin the process of remembering. 

What YOU Gain from this guide


A clear vision of what is authentically most important to you.


Ability to prioritize time based in what is authentically designed to bring you fulfillment & success


A life vision that aligns with a meaningful purpose


A deeper understanding of yourself, and your unique recipe for success

What People are saying about COACH SETH

Working with Seth has been a transformative experience. Before I met him, I felt like I was living a life that wasn’t truly mine. With his guidance, I’ve been able to connect with my authentic self and create a life that feels truly aligned with my values and desires. I’m so grateful for his insight and support.

“Seth has a unique ability to see the best in people and help them tap into their full potential. He’s helped me gain clarity around my goals and priorities, and develop the confidence to pursue them. Thanks to his coaching, I’ve been able to make significant progress towards creating the life I’ve always wanted.” 

“I can’t recommend Seth enough. He has a warm and compassionate approach to coaching that immediately puts you at ease. He’s helped me overcome some major obstacles and challenges in my life, and I feel like I’m finally living in alignment with my true self. If you’re looking for a life coach who truly cares about your success, Seth is the one to work with” 

"The most important thing, is to build a fulfilling life- one based in authenticity- follow your own deeply meaningful purpose- It's all that matters."

Seth Lusk

About me

I help people find fulfillment, love and authenticity in their lives by helping them empower their mind with life-changing, authentically inspired beliefs. As a Master Certified Life Coach, Published Author and Nutrition Specialist with my educational background in Psychology, Exercise Physiology  & Nutrition, it is my mission to help you change your life. 

As your life coach, without blame, shame or guilt, I work to help you manage your mind to improve emotional, mental, and physical health. The result is you having more power and control over your life than you ever felt possible.

Seth Lusk

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